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Email Update 8/5/19

Here we are starting week 2.  A couple things

  • This week is full pads and contact.

  • I have had some questions about the Maximum and Minimum days that can be practices

Week 1 Conditioning Jr Pee-Jr Bantam maximum 5 practices, minimum 5 practices

Rookie Tackle Jr Mite and Mitey Mite maximum 5 practices, minimum 3 practices


Week 2 Conditioning Jr Pee-Jr Bantam maximum 5 practices, minimum 5 practices

Rookie Tackle Jr Mite and Mitey Mite maximum 4 practices, minimum 3 practices


Week 3 Conditioning Jr Pee-Jr Bantam maximum 5 practices, minimum 4 practices

Rookie Tackle Jr Mite and Mitey Mite maximum 3 practices, minimum 3 practices


I have attached the most update to date WFFL Bylaws for your info.

I have also had some parents want to learn more about what rookie tackle is, so I have attached the Rule book for both age groups.



  • Tonight is the SV Bold and Blue

  • Sky View High: Join us for Sky View's 3rd Annual Bold & Blue Fan Fest! Monday, August 5th, 6:30-10:00, on the field East of Sky View


  • I will be gone for a couple days at girl’s camp if you need anything please contact Heather 435-890-8438, or your coach.  Each team has a team mom and a board rep that can also help


Thanks and have a great week



Breanne Young

SVYF Director

TEXT & Email Updates 7/30/19 

Well we made it through Day 1! YAY!


Practice: All team will be at the same field, other than the Sr. Pee Wee who drafted yesterday, and they will be at Sky View. Confirm with your Coach on the time.


Equipment Adjustments: Tuesday-Friday 4:45-5:15 Trailers at Horse Arena West of Forrester Acres After the First Week of Practice it will be as needed. So Please contact one of the board to arrange a time.


FAN GEAR: Tomorrow JULY 31st is the last Day to place Fan Gear Orders.  Please go to our Website to do so.




Text Update 7/29/19

Football Starts Today!


If you have not turned in your physical, you need to today.  You can email it to me or bring it to practice.


ATTENTION:  If you got a Xenith Helmet (it has an X in the front center) at checkout please contact me. ASAP


If you have not got your equipment the trailers will be open between 3:30-5 at Forrester Acres. Don’t wait till the last minute, cause then you will be late for practice.

Email Update 7/24/19


Well the first day of practice is right around the corner.  I just wanted to make you aware of a few things moving forward.



On Monday July 29, every team will hold practice at 5:30 after Monday if your coach wants to adjust the time, they will make you aware of that. Team/Coaches/Practice locations are as follows


Jr Bantam 8th Grade, Coach Blake Ballard:  Sunrise Elementary School


Sr. Pee Wee 7th Grade, Coach Brandon Bird & Coach Scott Jackson: Sky View High School Practice Field (EXCEPT for on Monday when we have the Draft, on this day we will be at Forrester Acres for Practice Please be to Forrester Acres Monday by 5:15 to check in and be ready to practice.)  


Pee Wee 6th Grade, Coach Cody Stokes: The Corner by the Sky View Seminary Building


Jr Pee Wee 5th Grade, Coach Cody Law: Summit Elementary


Mitey Mite 4th Grade, Coach Jeff Augustus: Summit Elementary South Field


Jr Mite 2nd & 3rd Grade Coach Bryce Vicars: Sunrise Elementary School


If you have not got your equipment yet we will have the trailers open on Monday from 3:30- 4:45. On this day the trailers will be located at Forrester Acres.  Please come to have enough time to get fitted and make it to practice.


Equipment Adjustments

If you need an equipment Adjustment here is the schedule that the trailers will be open

First Week of Practice

Monday: 3:30-4:45 Trailers at Forrester Acres

Tuesday-Friday 4:45-5:15 Trailers at Horse Arena West of Forrester Acres

After the First Week of Practice it will be as needed. So Please contact on of the board to arrange a time.



Physicals need to be done by the first day of practice.  If you have your done you can email it to  If you do not email it, you will need to bring it with you the first day of practice and give it to your coach so they can turn them in to us.


Practice Schedule

WEEK 1: Conditioning this will be done in shorts, a t shirt, and helmets. NO PADS! Week 1 will consist of 5-90min practices. Each player must have 225 minutes (5-45 minutes) sections of conditioning before you can participate in live/full contact practice.  If you for any reason miss any of the first week of practice this time will need to be made up the with a coach’s supervision before you can put on pads and participate in practice during week 2

WEEK 2-3: Full pads. These weeks will consist of 5-90-minute practices, each week (Except for the Jr Mite & Mitey Mite Teams which will be 3-90 min sessions)

Games Start on August 17th After games start the practices schedule will be either

4-90 minute practices or 3-120 minute practices (this will be decided by the coach) HALF of the time will be Conditioning and HALF will be in Full Pads… Your coach will let you know your team schedule and what day and for how long you will be practicing.

If your son chooses to wear a girdle instead of football pant to practice, please make sure that there are knee pads either in the girdle or get separate knee pads.   Also please remember that shoulder pads must be completely covered. This is for the protection of the players, and this will be enforced by coaches and the board member as we see a need to do so.


Hydration/Heat Safety

Practices are going to be Hot and your players need to be well Hydrated.  Please start make sure now that they are getting plenty of water to drink.  Monday is not the day to start hydrating them. It needs to be started now.  Please make sure that your player bring water with them to practice. Attached is an article on the Importance of Hydration in Youth Athletes.  Please make sure your read it.


Concussion Safety

In football, like in most sports there is a possibility of injuries including concussion.  Here is our protocol when a player is concussed. Please read the attached forms for more information


Fan Gear:

Our Fan Gear will be available to order on our website until July 31st.


Hopefully this helps answer some of your question. If you have any question, please feel free to let us know.  I will be going camping today for a couple days so I won’t have services till Friday. You can text or email me, and I will respond when I return If you need a more immediate answer please reach out to one of our other board members or your coach.  Thanks

Breanne Young 435-994-0059










Text Update 7/19/19


I am sending email updates, if you are not getting them please check your spam/junk folder.  I will also put everything up on the website, under EMAIL UPDATES


Equipment Check Out:

Tomorrow form 8-noon is our last Scheduled Equipment Check Out.  If you can not do it tomorrow, we will help you on the day practice starts. However, that is a busy day so if you can come tomorrow please do so.  Equipment Check out is located at 50 S. State Street in Richmond.


Fat Boy Fundraiser Delivery:

If you took advantage of the Fat Boy Ice Cream Fundraiser, please pick up your Ice Cream at 9am at 50 S. State Street in Richmond.


Coupon: Dick’s Sporting good is offering the WFFL a discount this weekend and next. I emailed you the coupon and it is on our website too.


Fan Gear! Our Fan Gear is available online through our website. We will be keeping our order open thru Wednesday July 31st.  This is the only fan gear that will be available for the season.


Please watch for more details to come over the next week!

Email 7/19/19

SVYF Sr. Pee Wee Division (7th Grade) ONLY

As many of you know, we had enough players register this year that we will need to split (DRAFT) this age group.  I know that many of you have played for several years on the same team and this can be difficult. I know how you feel as parents and players, I have a son this age, so it hits home for us too.   However, the thing is with 33+ boys everyone will have limited play time. We (coaches, SVYF Board, and others) have looked at all the options, and feel that splitting the team will give each kid more opportunity for growth and to develop as a player. We have had a great coach in Brandon Bird, and I knew it would be hard to find someone as dedicate and talented as him.  I am grateful that Scott Jackson has agreed to step up and coach.  Scott has coached for SVYF in the past and has been a great asset. We have so much talent at this age.  I feel that with all those who have played in the past and those playing with us for the first time, we will have 2 really good teams. In 2 short years these boys will be playing High School ball, and will all be 1 team. Our goal is to help each player develop skills and a love for the game of football and by having 2 smaller team now we feel this will help reach that goal.

Brandon and Scott are working together to try to help in this process.  They are planning to practice at the same field which will help with carpool (because I know that has been a concern).  


As a director, I need to be blunt for a minute and I want to make you aware of a few things.  If you are not willing to play on either team, for either coach, or even if your friends aren’t on your team, may I suggest that you just quit now. We can not go through a draft and split the team and then have players quit… After the draft if you decide to quit, you will receive no refund. 


How the draft will work. On Monday July 29, meet at Forrester Acres, practice will start at 5:30 sharp and go an hour and a half. Each coach will have time to work with the boys. After practice is over, the Head Coaches, Our WFFL Commissioner Chris Beach and myself with sit down and we will Draft. Each coach will go through and pick their teams.  This is a fair process.  After the Draft is finalized each coach will contact the boys on their team and let them know further about practice and so on. 


Thank you for your understanding, and parents please remember, your boys are watching and listening to you. If you are negative about this, they will be.  But if you try and have a positive attitude, they will see it and it will help them, even if it is hard at first.

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